could soon be closing – and Twitter has gone into full grief mode (2023) could soon be closing – and Twitter has gone into full grief mode (1)

Millennials across the UK are really going through it

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Ellie Muir


Everyone knows a millennial with a green velvet sofa, and it’s probably from online furniture retailer And if you haven’t heard the screams coming from millennial Twitter, then you wouldn’t know that the retailer is now facing potential closure.

It’s official: is expected go into administration on Monday or Tuesday this week after attempts to find a buyer failed.Around 500 staff are expected to lose their jobs, and thousands of customersare also facing uncertainty over whether they will receive a refund for outstanding orders.

The company, known for its textured sofas, rattan beds and stylish lighting, announced at the beginning of October that it was intalks with a number of interested parties, with a deadline of the end of the month. Unfortunately for the retailer, none of its potential buyerswere able to meet that date. As a result, has ended the rescue talks, putting the company at severe risk of closure. The website states: ‘Sorry, MADE is currently not taking any new orders. We appreciate your patience and we hope to start accepting orders again soon.’

As the retailer’s shares on the London Stock Exchange plummeted by nearly 90 percent, the internet (cough, millennials) are really divided over how good the retailer actually is. Where will you get that knock-off mustard-hued anglepoise lamp now? Gosh, or the gold coffee table? Some of its most loyal fans are clearly going into a period of mourning for the retailer, while others can only think of one thing: a sale. Others are actually saying that the store is wildly overpriced and the quality is no different to Argos or Habitat. Controversial.

Anyway, one thing that’s clear is that really managed to lure in the 26-to-40 demographic looking to create thatIG-worthy (and dare we say it, carbon-copy) home. But unfortunately perhaps not enough to survive as a business. Ouch.

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can you hear that? It’s the sound of straight milennial couples in East Dulwich screaming, crying, throwing up

— Louis Staples (@LouisStaples) October 26, 2022
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Can categorically say every single thing in my flat bought from broke within a few months of buying including this glass lampshade which is now a literal death trap. Gonna have to use oven gloves when I finally get round to taking it down.

— Heather Blair (@heather___blair) October 26, 2022
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I’m sad about suspending trading this morning. I had an order to place this week for a new chair and bookcase! I have quite a few of their pieces, I’ve found their furniture to be good quality and novel ☹️

— 🌸🌸 SPRING MILLIE 🌸🌸 (@BonneMillie) October 26, 2022
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when that made . com closing sell is on about. shout me x

— nj. (@njoffline) October 26, 2022

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