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  • Tuesday 18th June 2019

    Mendip Auction Rooms, Rookery Farm

    Binegar, Radstock

    Somerset BA3 4UL

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  • Sale of Victorian and Later Effects

    Tuesday 18th June 2019 at 10am

    On view at the salerooms

    Monday 17th June 10am – 7pm

    Morning of sale from 8.30am

    Mendip Auction Rooms

    Rookery Farm


    Somerset BA3 4UL

    Tel: 01749 840770



    Bidders are required to register before the sale com-mences andlots will be invoiced to the name and ad-dress on the registrationform. Some form of identifica-tion may be required if you areunknown to us. Please enquire in advance about our arrangements fortele-phone bidding.

    Commission bidding

    Commission bids may be left with the auctioneers indi-cating themaximum amount to be bid excluding buyer’s premium. They will beexecuted as cheaply as possible having regard to the reserve (ifany) and competing bids. If two buyers submit identical commissionbids the auctioneers will prefer the first bid received. Pleaseen-quire in advance about our arrangements for the leaving ofcommission bids by telephone.


    The ‘Conditions of sale’ oblige buyers to pay a buyer’s premiumat 15% (plus VAT) on the hammer price of each lot purchased.


    Payment is accepted by cash, cheque, debit card or banktransfer. As a general rule any cheques tendered will need to becleared before removal of the goods is permitted. Please discusswith our office in advance of the sale if other methods of paymentare envisaged (except cash). Telephone bidders must pay either bybank transfer prior to collection of lots or by debit card, chequeor cash in person prior to collection of goods. Please note that wedo not accept credit cards.


    Please note what the ‘Conditions of sale’ state about collectionand storage. It is important that goods are paid for and collectedpromptly. Any delay may involve the buyer in paying storagecharges.

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    Mendip Auction Rooms is a limited company (number 09771739).

    A list of members may be inspected at the registered office:

    Bishopbrook House, Cathedral Avenue, Wells, Somerset. BA51FD


    Lot 1 A Victorian slate mantel clock £10 - 20 Lot 2 A Muranoglass drinks set £20 - 30 Lot 3 An electric cartel sunburst clock£20 - 30 Lot 4 A Ridgway & Co buff stoneware relief moulded jugwith pewter hinged lid depicting Tam O'Shanter being pursued by theCutty Sark and a Tavern scene, the base impressed 'Published by WRidgway & Co, Hanley, October 1, 1835', 20cm high £20 - 30 Lot5 Three copper saucepans and covers, another copper saucepan and awatering can £30 - 50 Lot 6 A collection of plastic model soldiers£20 - 30 Lot 7 An open tray of Optician's lenses together with amantel clock £20 - 30 Lot 8 Four steel catering pans with lids £10- 20 Lot 9 A leaded light panel £10 - 20 Lot 10 A compositionfigure £40 - 60 Lot 11 A ceramic lamp base, 36cm high £5 - 10 Lot12 A group of assorted ceramics and glass £10 - 20 Lot 13 S Shami,copper plate of Abu Simbel £10 - 20 Lot 14 A collection of Matchboxcars £20 - 30 Lot 15 A pair of Middle Eastern goblets, another pairand a pair of chamber sticks £20 - 30

    Lot 16 A brass set oil lamp, trivet and an iron £20 - 30 Lot 17A Royal Worcester and two Coalport figures £10 - 20 Lot 18 Twomantel clocks £10 - 20 Lot 19 A mahogany tea caddy £40 - 60 Lot 20A three piece wash set £10 - 20 Lot 21 A group of assorted ceramics£10 - 20 Lot 22 A group of assorted boxes £10 - 20 Lot 23 A smallcollection of prints, Indian subjects, etc £10 - 20 Lot 24 A groupof Mason's pottery £10 - 20 Lot 25 A Royal Stafford dinner service£10 - 20 Lot 26 A silver dish and other metal items £10 - 20 Lot 27A group of assorted Dinky and Corgi toys etc £20 - 30 Lot 28 ACoalport and two Doulton figures £10 - 20 Lot 29 A lamp stand inthe form of an old couple sitting down. £20 - 30 Lot 30 Two teaservices and other china £20 - 30 Lot 31 A Royal Doulton coffeeservice for six place settings, with coffee pot and cover togetherwith matching milk jug £30 - 50


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 32 A group of Royal Commemoratives £10 - 20 Lot 33 ThreeLladro figures £10 - 20 Lot 34 A part suite of Stuart amber glass,including a pair of candlesticks and other glass £10 - 20 Lot 35 Agroup of assorted cameras etc £20 - 30 Lot 36 A pair of moderntable lamps, the bulbous bases spirally reeded, 38cm high £40 - 60Lot 37 A doll and some thimbles £10 - 20 Lot 38 A group of assortedprints £10 - 20 Lot 39 A group of assorted ceramics £10 - 20 Lot 40A group of assorted plate £10 - 20 Lot 41 A shotgun ammunition box£40 - 60 Lot 42 A Mamod steam tractor, in box £20 - 30 Lot 43 Agroup of 20th century paintings £10 - 20 Lot 44 A Tiffany & Coglass vase, a Baccarat vase and another by Ralph Lauren (3) £30 -50 Lot 45 A group of ten framed Le Blond matchbox style printsdepicting various subjects, including The Princess Royal, a view onthe Rhine, the Greek bride and others, 5cm x 3cm £20 - 30 Lot 46 Apair of blue glass baluster form vases with frilled tops, decoratedwith gilt enamel bands of fruiting vines, 25 cm. £20 - 30 Lot 47 Aquantity of free hand sketches of buildings and river scenes £20 -30

    Lot 48 A 1950's Poole Pottery part service decorated withbullrushes £20 - 30 Lot 49 Two postcard albums, Abbeys, Cathedralsand Churches £30 - 50 Lot 50 A German Studio pottery dish, 37cm x32cm £10 - 20 Lot 51 A child's eiderdown and quilt cover £20 - 30Lot 52 A Capodimonte figure group, The Artist, 26cm high x 15cmwide £10 - 20 Lot 53 A Capodimonte shaped bowl, with flowerencrusted cover, 23cm x 40cm £20 - 30 Lot 54 A Royal Copenhagensign, two collector's guides and a pin dish £20 - 30 Lot 55 ACapodimonte group, The Pharmacist, 22cm high x 29cm wide £30 - 50Lot 56 An extensive Limoges porcelain dinner service £20 - 30 Lot57 Two postcard albums of Wales, Yorkshire, Scotland, Somerset andother counties £30 - 50 Lot 58 A group of assorted antique andmodern glasses and decanters, a blue coffee service andmiscellaneous objects £20 - 30 Lot 59 A Capodimonte figure, 'TheTramps', 21cm high £20 - 30 Lot 60 A Minton porcelain eight settingpart dinner service, printed with a band of flowers and leaveswithin gilt rims £20 - 30 Lot 61 A box of Meccano items andinstructions £10 - 20 Lot 62 A quantity of photographic ephemera,including military £20 - 30

    Lot 63 A group of assorted ceramics and glass £10 - 20

    6 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 64 A Spode blue printed meat plate, after Daniels, impressedfactory marks, 52cm x 41cm £20 - 30 Lot 65 A Goerz of Berlin boxcamera advancing on rack and pinion mechanism with extra plates anda leather carry case £40 - 60 Lot 66 An Art Deco painted glassceiling shade, decorated with Chinese figures, 29cm high £30 - 50Lot 67 A bisque doll's head with glass eyes and open mouth showingone tooth, the back of the neck marked 13, on a composition body,60cm long £20 - 30 Lot 68 A Capodimonte figure, 'The Cobbler', 20cmhigh x 21cm wide £30 - 50 Lot 69 A quantity of straw work decoratedboxes and other items £20 - 30 Lot 70 Fish knives and forks, andassorted cutlery £10 - 20 Lot 71 A quantity of childrens books andtoys £20 - 30 Lot 72 A Victorian slate and marble cased mantelclock, the enamel dial with visible anchor escapement, 30cm high x50cm wide £20 - 30 Lot 73 A quantity of glass £20 - 30 Lot 74 Aquantity of china £20 - 30 Lot 75 A quantity of figures of cats andother items £20 - 30 Lot 76 A 19th century set of brass scales onmahogany plinth base, with five brass weights and one cast ironweight, overall 48cm high £20 - 30

    Lot 77 Two framed Chinese silk embroideries, each with a centralflower spray on a blue ground, overall 39cm x 42cm £10 - 20

    Lot 78 A group of assorted ceramics and glass £10 - 20

    Lot 79 A White Horse whisky statuette with boxed miniaturewhisky bottles and a box of miniatures £20 - 30 Lot 80 A Comittiwalnut wall clock and two others £20 - 30 Lot 81 Two vintageMeccano cars 230mm X 110mm X 140MM and a vintage Meccano pumpdriven by a clock work motor 160mm X 120mm X 340mm £30 - 50 Lot 82A Capodimonte girl in a swing figure and another £10 - 20 Lot 83 Agroup of assorted copper ware, flat ware, toy cars and a print £10- 20 Lot 84 An early 20th century Japanese porcelain chargerpainted in underglaze blue with birds in a landscape £20 - 30 Lot85 A pair of ladies red velvet shoes with cut steel buckles andleather soles and another pair of ladies silk covered shoes £20 -30 Lot 86 An assortment of wood moulding planes £20 - 30 Lot 87 Aquantity of egg cups and ceramic plates £10 - 20 Lot 88 A quantityof mostly glazed picture frames £10 - 20 Lot 89 A large modernabstract painting of a yacht £20 - 30 Lot 90 An up-lighter andanother lamp £20 - 30 Lot 91 A glazed display cabinet £10 - 20 Lot92 A box of vintage clothes £10 - 20 Lot 93 Two boxes of railwayrelated magazines £10 - 20 Lot 94 A group of assorted items £10 -20


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 95 Three florists baskets, a cream pan and other items £20 -30 Lot 96 A quantity of childrens books £20 - 30

    Lot 97 A group of lanterns (9) £10 - 20 Lot 98 Three canvasprints of Paris £10 - 20 Lot 99 A group of motor racing, technicaland other books with assorted photography fittings £10 - 20 Lot 100A Collaro record deck £30 - 50 Lot 101 A quantity of books £10 - 20Lot 102 A hanging oil lamp converted for bulbs, a beam arm hangingscale and a brass jardiniere £10 - 20 Lot 103 A group of frames £10- 20 Lot 104 A quantity of French ephemera £10 - 20 Lot 105 A largegroup of photographic equipment £20 - 30 Lot 106 A quantity ofbooks £10 - 20

    Lot 107 A ladies fencing kit (right handed), comprising ajacket, under jacket, coaches palsteron, bag and gloves £10 -20

    Lot 108 A pine hanging cabinet and other items £20 - 30

    Lot 109 A group of assorted 33 rpm vinyl records £10 - 20

    Lot 110 A group of four William IV chairs £5 - 10

    Lot 111 A pair of George III style mahogany dining chairs withcarved and pierced splats and stuff over green leather seats onsquare legs £30 - 50

    Lot 112 An electrically operated multi function recliner chair£30 - 50 Lot 113 A set of six Edwardian mahogany dining chairs £30- 50 Lot 114 A large carved wood and painted figure of a leopard,202cm high £20 - 30 Lot 115 A Roger Dean calendar and two mirrors£10 - 20 Lot 116 A quantity of pictures £10 - 20 Lot 117 A pair ofprints by Bob Saunders £30 - 50 Lot 118 A Berber style runner withcentral shaped lozenge motifs on a claret ground rectangular panelin a border of geometric motifs, 251cm x 96cm £20 - 30 Lot 119 A19th century mixed wood wall mounted Bridle rack for six bridles,over painted in black, 15cm high x 141cm wide £20 - 30 Lot 120 Abrass cased Koma 400 day clock with glass sides, 22cm high(maximum) and a wood cased dome topped 30 hour clock with Arabicwhite enamel disc 15cm x 34cm £20 - 30 Lot 121 A silver two handledquaich/porringer of plain round form raised on a flaring foot,Birmingham 1926, 6cm X 19cm, 128 grams £20 - 30 Lot 122 A Japaneseminiature chest of one long drawer above two short and one longdrawer decorated in gilt with land-scapes, 9cm high x 6cm wide £20- 30 Lot 123 A Beswick matt glazed Hereford bull, Champion ofChampions £10 - 20 Lot 124 A large cut glass dressing table jarwith a pull off silver lid by Walker & Hall, Sheffield, dateletter rubbed, 8cm high x 13cm wide and another, 58 grams weighable£10 - 20 Lot 125 A silver photograph frame £20 - 30

    8 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 126 A pair of chromed metal knife rests in the form of anArt Deco style ocean liner, 6cm high x 10cm wide and four others£20 - 30 Lot 127 An Olympus Penn-EE camera and case £20 - 30 Lot128 A 19th century mother of pearl card case, a 19th century Bookof Common Prayer and a bread fork £20 - 30 Lot 129 Two RoyalCopenhagen figures, Girl with pan lids No 3677 and Boy with horn,No 3689 the tallest 11cm £30 - 50 Lot 129A A Silver Chewton Mendipfootball team medallion and a Daily Telegraph medallion £20 - 30Lot 130 A boxed white metal beaker and a jug £20 - 30 Lot 130A Apair of silver spill vases and other items £20 - 30 Lot 131

    A yellow metal pendant of abstract design set with bluestones.

    Tests indicate gold plated. 2.3 grams £10 - 20 Lot 132 A silveroval photograph frame, Birmingham 1909, 23cm X 17cm £30 - 50 Lot133 A Royal Green Jacket's brush £10 - 20 Lot 134 An assortment ofwatches £10 - 20 Lot 135 A silver backed hairbrush and mirror £10 -20 Lot 136 Three postcard photograph albums containing a selectionof United Kingdom and Continental views and images in London,Sussex etc £20 - 30 Lot 137 A tin of World and GB/Commonwealthstamps (loose, in bags and on covers) £30 - 50 Lot 138 A group ofassorted watches etc £20 - 30

    Lot 139 Two silver napkin rings and assorted plate £10 - 20 Lot140 Empty jewel boxes and other items £10 - 20 Lot 141 A mid 20thcentury photograph album, India etc and a book £10 - 20 Lot 142 Agroup of assorted metalware and other items £10 - 20 Lot 143 Agroup of First Day Covers and cigarette cards £20 - 30 Lot 144 A19th century red stained and carved natural ivory chess set ofturned and carved form, the largest piece 9cm high, contained in a19th century wooden Intrepida cigar box £40 - 60 Lot 145 A packetof Commonwealth stamp leaves with some early material (all from onealbum) £40 - 60 Lot 145A A white metal pocket watch, coins andother items £30 - 50 Lot 146 A box of costume jewellery £10 - 20Lot 146A A swan pen in original box and other pens £30 - 50 Lot 147A set of postal scales and other collectable items £20 - 30 Lot147A A quantity of costume and other jewellery £20 - 30 Lot 148 Asilver charm bracelet and ingot pendant £20 - 30 Lot 148A Aquantity of watches and other items £20 - 30 Lot 149 A 9ct goldcameo and other 9ct brooches, a scrap 22ct wedding ring, a goldwatch and assorted costume jewellery £30 - 50 Lot 149A A quantityof coins £20 - 30 Lot 150 A colt 36 box £40 - 60


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 150A A quantity of smoking memorabilia and other items £20 -30 Lot 151 A medal case £30 - 50 Lot 151A An Armand Marsaillebisque dolls head £20 - 30 Lot 152 A box of toy soldiers etc £10 -20 Lot 152A

    A pair of silver salts and other silver and plate £30 - 50 Lot153 Pam Hewitt, plant study, watercolour £10 - 20 Lot 154 TwoRhodesian oil paintings £10 - 20 Lot 155 A print of a Lake Districtscene, 'Wastwater', after W Heaton Cooper £20 - 30 Lot 156 Twoprinted and painted fan leaves, inscribed 20.II.1997, Taipei,framed, 39cm x 59cm £20 - 30 Lot 157 Continental School, 19thcentury, Two Putti, watercolour 38cm x 29cm £20 - 30 Lot 158 Agroup of framed pictures etc £10 - 20 Lot 159 Two lamps, a jug,three prints and a painting £10 - 20 Lot 160 A group of assortedphotographic equipment £10 - 20 Lot 161 A quantity of linen £20 -30 Lot 162 A box of vintage clothes £10 - 20 Lot 163 Two leathersuitcases £30 - 50

    Lot 164 A brass four fold fire screen, a brass fender, a castiron fender and a game bird shooting stick £20 - 30

    Lot 165 A quantity of ceramics and other items £20 - 30 Lot 166A Penn Delmar fishing reel and other items £10 - 20 Lot 167 A boxof vintage clothes £10 - 20 Lot 168 A box of games and books £10 -20 Lot 169 A quantity of wall and ceiling lights and curtains £20 -30 Lot 170 A group of assorted prints and pictures £10 - 20 Lot 171A craft box and two model aeroplanes £10 - 20 Lot 172 A mixedcollection of ceramics and other glass items £10 - 20 Lot 173 Amahjong set, metronome and other items £10 - 20 Lot 174 Acollection of railway books £10 - 20 Lot 175 A box of vintageclothes £10 - 20 Lot 176 A quantity of dolls, a Triang baby walkerand a toy fort £20 - 30 Lot 177 A Belleek vase and other items £10- 20 Lot 178 A composition and fabric Topsy Turvy doll £10 - 20 Lot179 A cast iron boot scraper £10 - 20 Lot 180 A signed Art glassvase and another £20 - 30 Lot 181 Three china 'House' biscuitbarrels £10 - 20 Lot 182 Two circular copper trays and a circularmirror £10 - 20

    10 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable oneach item in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 183 A Lladro goose girl figure and other items £10 - 20 Lot184 A collection of ceramics and kitchenalia £10 - 20 Lot 185 Agroup of assorted ceramics and glass £10 - 20 Lot 186 A collectionof English First Day Covers, in album, to include the firstcommercial scheduled flight of Concorde from London to Washington,24th of May 1976. £20 - 30 Lot 187 A quantity of un-framedwatercolours £20 - 30 Lot 188 A walnut corner cupboard £10 - 20 Lot189 A watercolour and some prints £10 - 20 Lot 190 A 19th centurymahogany bow front chest of two short and three graduated longdrawers on turned feet, 107cm high x 102cm wide x 59cm deep £80 -120

    Lot 191 A 19th century mahogany foot stool £30 - 50 Lot 192Three mirrors £10 - 20 Lot 193 Corlaisier, 'At the Theatre',etching, signed and dated '90 lower left, EA, 42cm x 69cm £20 - 30Lot 194 A walnut bureau on cabriole legs and ball and claw feet £10- 20 Lot 195 A black slate and marble clock £30 - 50 Lot 196 A 19thcentury commode, the bow front opening with four faux drawers andturned handles, 74cm high x 72cm wide x 50cm deep (closed) £30 - 50Lot 197 A box of vintage clothes £10 - 20 Lot 198 An oak gatelegtable £20 - 30

    Lot 199 A Victorian pushchair and three vintage suitcases £20 -30 Lot 200 A Singer sewing machine, in case £10 - 20 Lot 201 Aparasol. two shooting sticks and two walking sticks £20 - 30 Lot202 A mahogany table £10 - 20 Lot 203 Three Lladro and a Naofigures £10 - 20 Lot 204 A Victorian piano stool £20 - 30 Lot 205 Awicker basket and other items £10 - 20 Lot 206 A kneehole desk £10- 20 Lot 207 A group of clocks and other items £10 - 20 Lot 208 Atwo handled trunk £10 - 20 Lot 209 An Ercol dining table and a setof six chairs £80 - 120

    Lot 210 A box of vintage clothes £10 - 20 Lot 211 Two items ofexercise equipment £10 - 20 Lot 212 A swagger/walking cane, 89.5cmlong £30 - 50 Lot 213 A group of assorted car and motor bikemanuals etc £10 - 20 Lot 214 A Victorian malacca walking cane withembossed gilt metal handle, 85cm high £30 - 50 Lot 215 A quantityof ladies scarves and pashminas inc Liberty, Jaeger etc £20 -30


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 216 A draw leaf table £10 - 20 Lot 217 A box of gardeninggloves £10 - 20 Lot 218 A pine domed trunk £20 - 30 Lot 219 Acollection of World Stamps £30 - 50 Lot 220 An oak hostess trolley£10 - 20 Lot 221 A 19th century Bible £10 - 20 Lot 222 Two metaltrunks £10 - 20 Lot 223 A Victorian style children's pram £20 - 30Lot 224 A Victorian Berlin woolwork of a lady on horseback withdogs in a landscape, 81cm x 62cm £50 - 70

    Lot 225 An oak Optician's cabinet £60 - 80 Lot 226 A boxed blackplush Top hat, by Moss Bros of Covent Gar-den, the inner crown 20cmx 16cm and a similar black bowler hat, 19.5cm x 15.5cm £30 - 50 Lot227 An Officers swagger stick, in leather, 58.5cm long £30 - 50 Lot228 An artists carry folio with contents and a quantity ofun-framed prints, bookplates etc £20 - 30 Lot 229 A green paintedchest of drawers, two short over two long, with marble top £20 - 30Lot 230 A bridge table and a side table £20 - 30 Lot 231 Two Lifeform studies, one pastel, one white pencil, both signed £10 -20

    Lot 232 No Lot Lot 233 Two red trunks £10 - 20 Lot 234 A groupof assorted brass and other metalware £20 - 30 Lot 235 A woodendesk with associated stool £20 - 30 Lot 236 Cecil Jospe ARWS(1928-2004) Towards the Zanttene, no II, watercolour, signed lowerright and dated 01, the Chelsea Art Ssociety, label verso 16cm X24cm and 'Garden' by the same artist £20 - 30 Lot 237 A group ofboxed model cars, to include LLedo, Yesteryear, Corgi, Matchbox andothers £20 - 30 Lot 238 A mahogany demi-lune commode £20 - 30 Lot239 19th century, 'Vue du Theatre de la porte St Martin' and 'Vuedu Theatre des Varietes', engravings, a pair, 32.5cm x 43cm £20 -30 Lot 240 Herbert George Hampton, view on an Estuary, pencil andtwo other watercolours £30 - 50 Lot 241 A 19th century mahoganyPembroke table on turned and tapering legs with brass casters, 72cmhigh x 108cm wide x 87cm deep £30 - 50 Lot 242 A wooden children'scart with croquet balls and pegs £30 - 50 Lot 243 A fishing box,reels and other items £20 - 30 Lot 244 A 19th century mahoganyPembroke table with frieze drawer £10 - 20 Lot 245 A large vintageMeccano motorised pumping model with numerous moving parts, 660mm X340mm X 230mm including base £30 - 50 Lot 246 A mains transformerand other items £10 - 20

    12 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable oneach item in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 247 A sewing table and two other tables £20 - 30 Lot 248 Aset of six MIrror magazines Special Portrait prints, after AlanCracknell, of England football players : Bobby Moore, Gordon Banks,Emlyn Hughes, Alan Ball, Colin Bell and Martin Peters from the1960's - 1970's, each print 38cm x 50.5 cm £20 - 30 Lot 249 A boxof Rupert books £30 - 50 Lot 250 Three Lloyd Loom style linenbaskets and three chairs £10 - 20 Lot 251 An oak wardrobe £10 - 20Lot 252 A mid 20th century oak kitchen cabinet, 173cm high x 76cmwide £40 - 60 Lot 253 A scythe with wooden handle £20 - 30 Lot 254A box of Rupert books £30 - 50 Lot 255 A William IV mahoganyPembroke table, with tapering octagonal pedestal on shapedrectangular base with four scroll feet on casters, 4cm high, 91cmwide, 92cm deep £30 - 50 Lot 256 A mahogany swing mirror £20 - 30Lot 257 A black slate and marble clock £30 - 50

    Lot 258 A quantity of pictures £10 - 20 Lot 259 An oak framedtaxidermy display case, with flared cornice, 77cm high, 61cm wide,56cm deep £50 - 70 Lot 260 A box of gardening gloves £10 - 20 Lot261 A drop leaf dining table and a bureau £20 - 30

    Lot 262 Two lustre lights £10 - 20

    Lot 263 Two framed Chinese silk work pictures and two pairs ifbinoculars £20 - 30 Lot 264 A Victorian slate and marble casedmantel clock, the enamel dial with visible anchor escapement, 26cmhigh x 40cm wide £20 - 30 Lot 265 A Victorian walnut piano stool,on waisted triform base with carved scroll feet, 48cm diameter £20- 30 Lot 266 A carved oak sideboard £10 - 20 Lot 267 Cecil JospeARWS (1928-2004) Bathrobe and chair, watercolour, signed lowerright £20 - 30 Lot 268 Three lamps, a wash set and other items £10- 20 Lot 269 An oak wall mirror and occasional table £20 - 30 Lot270 An early 20th century German 0 gauge double track circularrailway system, approx 10 feet diameter £30 - 50 Lot 271 A Bentleyupright piano £40 - 60 Lot 272 An octagonal occasional table with aseagrass stool, another table, a lamp and a barometer £20 - 30 Lot273 An African walking stick, all over carved and with an elephanthead handle, 72cm high £20 - 30 Lot 274 An oak dressing table and amelamine chest of drawers £10 - 20 Lot 275 A pair of goose tureens£10 - 20 Lot 276 Two Victorian ladies parasols, one with mother ofpearl and gilt metal handle, and the other with carved ebonisedhandle, 90cm long overall £30 - 50 Lot 277 Two Doulton and twofloral pieces £10 - 20


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 278 A group of the Sun glamour calendars, 1990-1997 £10 - 20Lot 279 Sheila Marshall, 'Rock, Doughnut, Cup Cake', oil on canvas,as set of three, overall 60cm x 60cm £30 - 50 Lot 280 An Ercolstyle coffee table with two chairs £20 - 30 Lot 281 A new 'withtag', 'Hugfun Plush Teddy Bear' £30 - 50 Lot 282 A group ofCoalport smoke houses and others £10 - 20 Lot 283 A malacca walkingstick with cast brass handle, 90cm high £20 - 30 Lot 284 Two coppertrays, a print, and a barometer £10 - 20 Lot 285 A standard lampwith gilt metal and onyx base £10 - 20 Lot 286 A mahogany coffeetable £10 - 20 Lot 287 Fourteen glass wine carafes, a wine bottleholder, a wine chilling rod and a cork screw set £10 - 20 Lot 288 Awalking stick with horn handle, 101cm high £30 - 50 Lot 289 AJapanned metal trunk £10 - 20 Lot 290 A laundry box and other items£10 - 20 Lot 291 A drop leaf table, a pair of footstools and otheritems £10 - 20 Lot 292 A cased Jaques croquet set £20 - 30 Lot 293A table £10 - 20 Lot 294 The RAF mess dress of Wing Commander D RYoung together with photographs of him and associated memorabilia£20 - 30

    Lot 295 A folding step ladder and other items £10 - 20 Lot 296 Atrunk £10 - 20 Lot 297 A pair of bedside cabinets together with arecord cupboard, 60cm high x 74cm wide x 35cm deep £20 - 30 Lot 298A box of gardening gloves £10 - 20 Lot 299 Two gilt light bracketsand other items £10 - 20 Lot 300 Six collector's display cabinets£40 - 60 Lot 301 Four dining chairs £10 - 20 Lot 302 A quantity ofprints £10 - 20 Lot 303 A wrought iron lamp £10 - 20 Lot 304 Alarge 21st century gilt framed mirror with deep moulded frame,169cm x 139cm £100 - 150 Lot 305 A dresser with a glazed cupboardupper portion £40 - 60 Lot 306 A square, glazed oak framed displaycase, with flared cornice, 78 cm high x 73 cm wide x 67 cm deep.£30 - 50 Lot 307 A large copper boiler and a similar smaller pot£30 - 50 Lot 308 A 1950's three piece suite, comprising a threeseat sofa and two armchairs (sold as a collector's item only), thesofa 84cm high x 185cm wide x 77cm deep £40 - 60 Lot 309 Anineteenth century French style wall clock, the round alabasterface with enamel Roman numerals with in shaped oak case, 62cm highx 62cm wide £20 - 30

    14 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable oneach item in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 310 A 20th Century 'squares' screen print, artists proof,indistinctly signed in pencil to the margin, un-framed, 33cm x73.5cm £20 - 30 Lot 311 E A Lavy, Le Croix d'Honneur, pencil,signed and dated 11/11/17 lower right, 41cm x 28cm £20 - 30 Lot 312Four pairs of shoes £10 - 20 Lot 313 Three occasional tables £10 -20 Lot 314 A box of gardening gloves £10 - 20 Lot 315 Four assortedpictures and prints £20 - 30 Lot 316 A painted pine trunk,inscribed N H Bottomley £10 - 20 Lot 317 A television stand inblack glass finish £10 - 20 Lot 318 A large lot of mixed china £10- 20 Lot 319 Two occasional tables and a Victorian chair £10 - 20Lot 320 A Victorian chair with green cloth upholstery £10 - 20 Lot321 Spanish School, oil on board, Bullfighting scene, 39.5cm x49.5cm £20 - 30 Lot 322 An Edwardian two seat sofa and a pair ofbedroom chairs £20 - 30 Lot 323 J. Abella, In the park, oil onboard, 30cm x 40cm £30 - 50 Lot 324 A late 18th century mahoganyPembroke table £20 - 30 Lot 325 A large group of assorted plateware£10 - 20 Lot 326 Fifty pairs of leather work gloves £10 - 20

    Lot 327 A child's desk and a painted watering can £10 - 20 Lot328 An unusual shaped coffee table £10 - 20 Lot 329 A Victorianwalnut low frame nursing chair with inset padded back and seat oncarved cabriole legs and ceramic casters £20 - 30 Lot 330 AnItalian leather chair, the late Art Deco style, plainly upholsteredand raised on thin tubular metal legs £30 - 50

    Lot 331 J Abella, Landscape, oil on board, signed lower right,75cm x 91cm £40 - 60

    Lot 332 A wrought metal standard lamp, circa 1900, 143cm high£20 - 30

    Lot 333 A 19th century mahogany chest of four graduated drawerson bracket feet, 104cm high x 94cm wide x 47cm deep £40 - 60

    Lot 334 A large group of assorted platedware £10 - 20

    Lot 335 A copper warming pan and a round occasional table £10 -20

    Lot 336 A mahogany oval finished gate leg table on barley twistlegs and stretchers, 79cm high x 163cm wide x 142cm deep £20 -30

    Lot 337 A marquetry panel depicting ducks in flight, apparentlya replica of a panel in the dining room of the Queen Mary, andanother of a cottage, 30.5cm x 41cm £20 - 30

    Lot 338 A box of gardening gloves £10 - 20

    Lot 339 A collection of Victorian and Albert Museum porcelainteapots £10 - 20

    Lot 340 20th century British School, Rudge Hill House,watercolour, titled and dated 3.4.1990, 36cm x 46.5cm £20 - 30

    Lot 341 An Edwardian mahogany Maple & Co sideboard withthree frieze drawers above a central recess flanked by two carveddoors, with two carved doors below on square tapering legs, ivorinelabel £20 - 30


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 342 A large group of Warhammer figures and associated boxes,rules, parts etc £50 - 70 Lot 343 A large lot of crested china (50+pieces) £10 - 20 Lot 344 A glazed stoneware elephant garden seat£20 - 30 Lot 345 A box of gardening gloves £10 - 20 Lot 346 A setof six 19th century mahogany dining chairs with shield shapedbacks, stuff over seats and square tapering legs £10 - 20 Lot 347 Apicture of Mother & Baby, with two other pictures £10 - 20 Lot348 A Flymo blower and a pressure washer £20 - 30 Lot 349 A 1960'sformica dressing table, 123cm high x 146cm wide x 42cm deep £10 -20 Lot 350 A quantity of lamp bases £20 - 30 Lot 351 Seven piecesof 19th century decorative china £10 - 20 Lot 352 A mahoganydemi-lune side table £20 - 30 Lot 353 A quantity of light fittings,lamps and chamber sticks £10 - 20 Lot 354 Five Toby jugs £10 - 20Lot 355 A bentwood chair and four other chairs £10 - 20 Lot 356 Abox of gardening gloves £10 - 20 Lot 357 A single wardrobe byTibbenham of Ipswich and a mahogany chest £20 - 30

    Lot 358 An oak framed fire screen and other items £10 - 20 Lot359 A 19th century mahogany standing corner cabinet, with twoglazed doors above two panelled doors, on pierced bracket feet,205cm high x 101cm wide x 48cm deep £40 - 60 Lot 360 A chess board,a matchless board and a quantity of pictures £10 - 20 Lot 361 AFusion Universal bicycle £10 - 20 Lot 362 A print, after Claude andtwo abstracts £10 - 20 Lot 363 A large pine two door cupboard £20 -30 Lot 364 A 19th century mahogany commode of squared form, raisedon turned baluster legs, with an inset topped lid, containing theoriginal chamber pot and lid, 46cm high x 46cm wide x 43cm deep £20- 30 Lot 365 Two framed maps of Wales, together with a framed mapof the World £20 - 30 Lot 366 J.Stamford, shipping in calm seas,oil on canvas, signed and dated 1928 lower right, 41cm x 31cm £20 -30 Lot 367 J Abella, Portrait, oil on board, signed lower left,24cm x 18cm £30 - 40

    Lot 368 A signed Lionel Edwards print and another £10 - 20 Lot369 Two Jean Harper signed pictures £20 - 30 Lot 370 MarjorieQuinn, Still Life with a vase of flowers, oil on board, signedlower right, 56cm x 41cm £20 - 30 Lot 371 S J Toby Nash, CanterburyCathedral, watercolour, signed lower right, 49cm x 34cm £20 -30

    Lot 372 J Abella, Shipping through the window, oil on board,signed lower right, 60cm x 50cm £10 - 20

    16 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable oneach item in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 373 Three signed limited edition Helen Bradley prints and aWilliam Russell Flint print £40 - 60 Lot 374 S Rako, Sailing Junksin calm seas, oil on board, signed and dated 74 lower left, 50cm x89cm £20 - 30 Lot 375 Two sketches of ships in ornate gilt frames£20 - 30 Lot 376 A Victorian sofa on later casters, upholstered incream £30 - 50 Lot 377 Two small kilim style rugs £10 - 20 Lot 378An oil painting of a Stag £10 - 20 Lot 379 Six assorted photographsand paintings of Blagdon £10 - 20 Lot 380 Oil paintings, prints anda mirror £10 - 20 Lot 381 A signed Lionel Edward print and another£10 - 20 Lot 382 A collection of vintage tools £20 - 30 Lot 383 Alarge carpet with central medallion on an overall patterned redfield, with multiple borders, 200cm long x 290cm wide £40 - 60 Lot384 Five pictures and a mirror £10 - 20 Lot 385 A George III stylebureau bookcase, with two astragal glazed doors, above a fallfront, above two short and three long drawers on bracket feet,214cm high x 95cm wide x 46cm deep £40 - 60 Lot 386 A pair ofwalnut standing display cabinets with two glazed doors, 186cm highx 141cm wide x 41cm deep £100 - 150

    Lot 387 A 19th century mahogany display cabinet with adjustableshelves, on plinth base, 200cm high x 122cm wide x 39cm deep £30 -50

    Lot 388 A Victorian mahogany wardrobe with mirror door £30 - 50Lot 389 A Warings Perfection wardrobe with interior compartmentsand drawers £30 - 50 Lot 390 A modern longcase clock £20 - 30 Lot391 A George III mahogany two door corner cabinet with H formhinges, circa 1800. 188cm high x 90cm wide x 52cm deep £20 - 30 Lot392 A ceramic umbrella stand together with contents £20 - 30 Lot393 A Continental chest of three long drawers £20 - 30 Lot 394 APoole pottery ash tray, a Cornish cruet set and other ceramics andglass £10 - 20 Lot 395 A Ricoh camera with macro and zoom lenses,together with a Silver Reed typewriter £10 - 20 Lot 396 AnEdwardian mahogany display cabinet on square tapering legs andspade feet £20 - 30 Lot 397 A Bosch hedge trimmer and a seedspreader £10 - 20 Lot 398 An assortment of books £10 - 20 Lot 399 Amahogany draw leaf dining table with two loose leaves £40 - 60 Lot400 A 19th century spinning wheel and a set of postal scales. £10 -20 Lot 401 A 19th century mahogany pot cupboard of usualrectangular form with plain top with pierced cresting rail, set adoor with arched panel on a plain plinth, 87cm high x 43cm wide x37cm deep £20 - 30 Lot 402 A silver handled cake slice and otheritems £10 - 20


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 403 A 1950's duck form clothes brush £10 - 20 Lot 404 AVictorian mahogany framed chair on turned tapering fluted legs withceramic casters £20 - 30 Lot 405 A 19th century mahogany bureauwith fall front above four graduated drawers on bracket feet £20 -30 Lot 406 A four piece Walker & Hall tea set in silver platetogether with a fruit bowl £10 - 20 Lot 407 A composite trunk £10 -20 Lot 408 A Parker Knoll armchair (sold as a Collector's item) andanother easy chair £20 - 30 Lot 409 Two enamel signs, 'GoldenShred' and 'School' £40 - 60 Lot 410 A George III mahogany bureau,the hinged fall front enclosing inlaid interior of pigeon holes,drawers and cupboards above four graduated lock detailed drawers,117cm high x 105cm wide £30 - 50 Lot 411 Three hardwood heavywalking canes, 90cm high and smaller £30 - 50 Lot 412 An oak stickstand and a shooting stick £10 - 20 Lot 413 A massage table £20 -30 Lot 414 Robert Morden, Map of Kent, hand coloured copper lineengraving, 34.5cm X 63cm £20 - 30 Lot 415 A Flymo blower and a boxof accessories £10 - 20 Lot 416 A Marks & Spencer ladder backchair £10 - 20 Lot 417 A Video/CD cabinet £10 - 20

    Lot 418 A large slate clock and other items £10 - 20 Lot 419 Amid 20th century TV cabinet (Cossor) and another cupboard £20 - 30Lot 420 A group of 19th century ceramics and other items £10 - 20Lot 421 A cased sewing machine £40 - 60 Lot 422 A glazedhaberdasher's style cabinet, 86cm high x 100cm wide, containing tendisplay drawers. £40 - 60 Lot 423 An Edwardian mahogany swingmirror with two drawers £10 - 20 Lot 424 A quantity ofliqueur/cordial glasses and a glass bowl £20 - 30 Lot 425 Aperformance shredder and an electric lawn roller £10 - 20 Lot 426 Alarge lot of Coronation ware £10 - 20 Lot 427 A group of Eaglecomics and Annuals £30 - 50 Lot 428 A late 19th century mahoganysideboard with plain rectangular top over two drawers applied withArt Nouveau pressed metal handles over two cupboard doors set apanel carved with floral motifs over a plain fielded panel, raisedon a flat plinth, 96cm high x 136cm wide x 45cm deep £20 - 30 Lot429 A set of graduated Poole dolphins and other ceramic items £20 -30 Lot 430 A stoneware storage vase, some Doulton carriage platesand a Poole bowl £10 - 20 Lot 431 A Victorian pine clerk's desk,95cm high x 67cm wide x 55cm deep £20 - 30 Lot 432 Mick Durrant(British) born 1950, 'Formal Gardens', silk screen print, signedand titled in pencil to the margin, Artist's proof edition, 67.5cmx 60cm £10 - 20

    18 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable oneach item in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 433 A mahogany bureau bookcase, featuring inlaid detail andastragal glazed doors (height 203cm ). £20 - 30 Lot 434 A Chineseside table and a chair £10 - 20 Lot 435 A group of paintings etc£10 - 20 Lot 436 A corner cupboard and a four tier unit £10 - 20Lot 437 Two boxes, a vase, a mini mannequin and fish servers £10 -20 Lot 438 A kitchen stool £10 - 20 Lot 439 Three Belvior Estatewood fruit trays and a card table £10 - 20 Lot 440 Three lamps anda radio £10 - 20 Lot 441 An assortment of CD's £10 - 20 Lot 442 AFrench 19th century mantel clock with movement dismantled £20 - 30Lot 443 A child's high chair (which converts to a table), and otheritems £10 - 20 Lot 444 A nursing chair on turned legs £20 - 30 Lot445 A Victorian oak hall chair, the solid seat on turned flutedtapering legs, 84cm high x 46cm wide x 45cm deep £20 - 30 Lot 446 Amahogany side table, with single frieze drawer, and a rush seatedchair £10 - 20 Lot 447 A Dell printer and laser cartridges £10 - 20Lot 448 A set of four suitcases £10 - 20

    Lot 449 An early 20th century two seater drop end Club stylesofa, raised on mahogany cabriole legs, 75cm high x 180cm wide x90cm deep £40 - 60 Lot 450 A Victorian brass single bed withanother bed head £20 - 30 Lot 452 A set of six mahogany diningchairs £20 - 30 Lot 453 A landing net together with fishing rods£20 - 30 Lot 454 A pair of chairs and a telephone hall stand £20 -30 Lot 455 A group of whiskey bell decanters £10 - 20 Lot 456 Acocktail cabinet and a glass display cabinet £20 - 30 Lot 457 ACoalport tea service and other services £20 - 30 Lot 458 Threeprints £10 - 20 Lot 459 An Art Deco style vase and other items £20- 30 Lot 460 A pair of ladies leather boots, size 39 £20 - 30 Lot461 A quantity of part dinner services £20 - 30 Lot 462 Two copperwarming pans and other items £20 - 30 Lot 463 A Regency mirror anda clock £20 - 30 Lot 464 A Black & Decker strimmer £10 - 20 Lot465 A machine woven rug £20 - 30 Lot 466 A Bosch hedge trimmer andanother trimmer £10 - 20


    Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable on eachitem in addition to the hammer price

  • Lot 467 An Edwardian mahogany triple panelled wardrobe thepanelled doors with satinwood cross banding flanking a mirroreddoor, 215cm high, 189cm wide, 53cm deep £40 - 60 Lot 468 A pinestanding bookcase £20 - 30 Lot 469 A reproduction video/CD cupboardtogether with another similar cupboard £30 - 50 Lot 470 A dinnerservice (mainly six place settings) £10 - 20 Lot 471 Two mugs, apair of figures and a vase £20 - 30 Lot 472 A balance boxed, asundial compass and micrometer £20 - 30 Lot 473 Two lamps andvarious shades £10 - 20 Lot 474 An oak hall stand £20 - 30 Lot 475A new and unused Hardy fibre glass fly rod E/Y written on it in theusual Hardy white script, comes complete with an extension for thebutt and this still has its original shrink wrap protection on it,Hardy bag included £30 - 50 Lot 476 An unbranded vintage threepiece 11 foot cane with brass ferrules rod fly, used condition £20- 30 Lot 477 An Edwardian mahogany side cabinet and a Victorianmahogany chair £20 - 30 Lot 478 A helios planetarium model and sixdolls house dolls £10 - 20 Lot 479 Brain Bennett, River scene, oilon board and a quantity of others £20 - 30 Lot 480 Two wall clocks£20 - 30 Lot 481 A set of four prints £20 - 30

    Lot 482 A fold up card table, an occasional table and a woodenstandard lamp £10 - 20 Lot 483 A record rice £20 - 30 Lot 484 Aquantity of wooden block planes £30 - 50 Lot 485 Three Morocan oilon canvas of Fez £20 - 30 Lot 486 A Chinese style mahogany coffeetable £20 - 30 Lot 487 A quantity of moulding planes £30 - 50 Lot488 A pair of decorative prints £20 - 30 Lot 489 Two pieces ofCarlton ware and two rice bowl sets £20 - 30 Lot 490 A double bedframe £10 - 20 Lot 491 No Lot Lot 492 A pair of signed etchings ofthe Kennet and Avon Canal and Kent canal £20 - 30 Lot 493 A groupof six 70w, 240v Hallide security or warehouse lamps -Internal/external £60 - 80 Lot 494 A pair of composite stone bootshaped planters £10 - 20 Lot 495 A large steel framed collapsiblegazebo (un-used) 200cm high x 350cm square £20 - 30

    20 Please note: Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT is payable oneach item in addition to the hammer price

  • Information for Buyers 1. Introduction: The followinginformative notes are intended to assist Buyers, particularly

    those inexperienced or new to our salerooms. All sales areconducted on our printed ‘Conditions of sale’ which are readilyavailable for inspection and nor-mally accompany catalogues. Ourstaff will be happy to help you if there is anything you do notfully understand.

    2. Agency: As auctioneers we usually contract as agents for theseller whose identity, for

    reasons of confidentiality, is not normally disclosed.Accordingly if you buy your primary contract is with theseller.

    3. Estimates: Estimates are designed to help buyers gauge whatsort of sum might be in-

    volved for the purchase of a particular lot. The lower estimatemay represent the reserve price and certainly will not be below it.Estimates do not include the buyer’s premium or VAT (wherechargeable). Estimates are prepared some time before the sale andmay be altered by announcement before the sale. They are in nosense definitive.

    4. Buyer's premium: The ‘Conditions of sale’ oblige buyers topay a buyer's premium at 15% on the

    hammer price of each lot purchased. In addition, VAT is payableon this premi-um (see below).

    5. VAT: (*) indicates that VAT is payable by the purchaser atthe standard rate

    (presently 20%) on the hammer price as well as being an elementin the buyer's premium. This imposition of VAT is likely to bebecause the seller is registered for VAT within the European Unionand is not operating the Dealers Margin Scheme or because VAT isdue at 20% on importation into the UK. The double symbol (**)indicates that the lot has been imported from outside the Europe-anUnion and the present position is that these lots are liable to areduced rate of VAT (presently 5%) on the gross lot price (i.e.both the hammer price and the buyer's premium). Lots which appearwithout either of the above symbols indicate that no VAT is payableon the hammer price. This is because such lots are sold using theAuctioneers' Margin Scheme and it should be noted that the VATincluded within the premium is not recoverable as input tax.

    6. We are, primarily, agents for the seller. We are dependent oninformation provided by the seller and whilst we may inspect lotsand act reasonably in taking a general view about them we arenormally unable to carry out a de-tailed or any examination of lotsin order to ascertain their condition in the way in which it wouldbe wise for a buyer to do. Intending buyers have ample op-portunityfor inspection of goods and, therefore, accept Auctioneers' MarginScheme and it should be noted that the VAT included within thepremium is not recoverable as input tax.

    7. Electrical goods: These are sold as 'antiques' only and ifbought for use must be checked over

    for compliance with safety regulations by a qualifiedelectrician first. 8. Export of goods: Buyers intending to exportgoods should ascertain (a) whether an export li-

    cence is required and (b) whether there is any specificprohibition on importing goods of that character because, e.g. theymay contain prohibited materials such as ivory. Ask us if you needhelp.

    9. Bidding: Bidders may be required to register before the salecommences and lots will be

    invoiced to the name and address on the registration form. Someform of identification may be required if you are unknown to us.Please enquire in advance about our arrangements for telephonebidding.

    10. Commission bidding: Commission bids may be left with theauctioneers indicating the maximum

    amount to be bid excluding buyers' premium. They will beexecuted as cheaply as possible having regard to the reserve (ifany) and competing bids. If two buyers submit identical commissionbids the auctioneers may prefer the first bid received. Pleaseenquire in advance about our arrangements for the leaving ofcommission bids by telephone or fax.

    11. Methods of payment: Payment may be made by debit card,cheque, cash or bank transfer. Credit

    cards are not accepted. As a general rule any cheques tenderedwill need to be cleared before removal of the goods is permitted.Telephone bidders must pay either by bank transfer prior tocollection of lots or by debit card, cheque or cash in person priorto collection of goods.

    12. Collection and storage: Please note what the ‘Conditions ofsale’ state about collection and storage. It

    is important that goods are paid for and collected promptly. Anydelay may involve the buyer in paying storage charges.

    13. Online Bidding: Killens (trading as the Mendip AuctionRooms) offer an online bidding service

    via the-saleroom.com for bidders who cannot attend the sale. Incompleting the bidder registration on www.the-saleroom.com andproviding your debit card details and unless alternativearrangements are agreed with Killens you:

    (a) authorise Killens trading as the Mendip Auction Rooms, ifthey so wish, to charge the debit card given in part or fullpayment, including all charges, for items successfully purchased inthe auction via the-saleroom.com, and

    (b) confirm that you are authorised to provide these debit carddetails to us through www.the-saleroom.com and agree that Killenstrading as the Mendip Auction Rooms are entitled to ship the goodsto the card holder name and card holder address provided infulfilment of the sale.

    Please note that any lots purchased via the-saleroom.com liveauction service will be subject to an additional 5% charge plus VATat the rate imposed on the hammer price.

    14. Title/Returns: If it becomes apparent that an item has beensold without good title or without

    authorisation then the buyer will return the item promptlysubject to the pur-chase costs and any other reasonable costsincurred in returning the item being paid by the seller and/orauctioneers.

    15. Artist Resale Rights According to the European Union’sArtist’s Resale Rights Directive, which has

    been adopted by the United Kingdom, living artists and artistswho died within 70 years prior to the date of the sale are entitledto receive a resale royalty each time their art work is sold by anart market professional in the European Union or United Kingdom,subject to certain conditions. The Mendip Auction Rooms willcollect the resale royalty due to the artists or their estates frombuyers of lots with a hammer price (excluding buyer’s premium andexcluding VAT) in excess of €1000. Any purchaser of a lot to whichArtist’s Resale Right applies will be charged the amount of theresale royalty, which will be added to the invoice. VAT is notpayable on any royalty. The rate payable for items 0 to 50,000 is4%. Contact the Auction Rooms for further rates.

    Conditions of sale

    Killens as the Mendip Auction Rooms carries on business withbidders, buyers and all those present in the auction room prior toor in connection with a sale on the following General Conditionsand on such other terms, conditions and notices as may be referredto herein.

    1. Definitions: In these conditions: (a) ‘Auctioneer’ means thefirm of Killens or its authorised auctioneer, as appropri-

    ate (b) ‘Deliberate forgery’ means an imitation made with theintention of deceiving as

    to authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or source butwhich is unequiv-ocally described in the catalogue as being thework of a particular creator and which at the date of the sale hada value materially less than it would have had if it had been inaccordance with the description

    (c) ‘Hammer price’ means the level of bidding reached (at orabove any reserve) when the auctioneer brings down the hammer

    (d) ‘Terms of consignment’ means the stipulated terms and ratesof commission on which Killens accepts instructions from sellers ortheir agents

    (e) ‘Total amount due’ means the hammer price in respect of thelot sold together with any premium, Value Added Tax chargeable andany additional charges payable by a defaulting buyer under theseconditions

    (f) ‘Sale proceeds’ means the net amount due to the seller,being the hammer price of the lot sold less commission at thestated rate, Value Added Tax chargeable and any other amounts dueto us by the seller in whatever capacity and however arising

    (g) ‘You’, ‘Your’, etc. refer to the buyer as identified inCondition 2 (h) The singular includes the plural and vice versa asappropriate. 2. Bidding procedures and the buyer: (a) Bidders arerequired to register their particulars before bidding and tosatisfy

    any security arrangements before entering the auction room toview or bid (b) The maker of the highest bid accepted by theauctioneer conducting the sale

    shall be the buyer at the hammer price and any dispute about abid shall be settled at the auctioneer's absolute discretion byre-offering the lot during the course of the auction or otherwise.The auctioneer shall act reasonably in exercising thisdiscretion

    (c) Bidders shall be deemed to act as principals. (d) Once made,no bid may be withdrawn. Our right to bid on behalf of the selleris

    expressly reserved up to the amount of any reserve and the rightto refuse any bid is also reserved.

    3. Increments: Bidding increments shall be at the auctioneer’ssole discretion. 4. The purchase price: The buyer shall pay thehammer price together with a premium thereon of 15%

    plus VAT on the premium at the rate imposed by law. 5. Valueadded tax: Value Added Tax on the hammer price is imposed by law onall items affixed

    with an asterisk or double asterisk. Value Added Tax is chargedat the appropri-ate rate prevailing by law at the date of sale andis payable by buyers of rele-vant lots. (Please refer to‘Information for buyers’ for a brief explanation of the VATposition).

    6. Payment: (1) Immediately a lot is sold you will: (a) give tous, if requested, proof of identity, and (b) pay to us the totalamount due in cash or debit card (not subject to a sur-

    charge) or in such other way as is agreed by us. (2) Anypayments by you to us may be applied by us towards any sums owingfrom

    you to us on any account whatever without regard to anydirections of you or your agent, whether express or implied.

    (3) Telephone bidders must pay either by bank transfer prior tocollection of lots or by debit card, cheque or cash in person priorto collection of goods.

    7. Title and Collection of purchases: (1) The ownership of anylots purchased shall not pass to you until you have made

    payment in full to us of the total amount due. (2) You shall atyour own risk and expense take away any lots that you have pur-

    chased and paid for not later than four working days followingthe day of the auction or upon the clearance of any cheque used forpayment after which you shall be responsible for any removal,storage and insurance charges.

    (3) No purchase can be claimed or removed until it has been paidfor. (4) If it becomes apparent that an item has been sold withoutgood title or without

    authorisation then the buyer agrees to return the item promptlysubject to being reimbursed any purchase costs and any reasonableexpenses incurred in returning the item. If the buyer fails toreturn the item then if applicable the seller agrees to accept thehammer price achieved as recompense for the sale of the item.

    8. Remedies for non-payment or failure to collect purchases: (1)If any lot is not paid for in full and taken away in accordancewith these condi-

    tions or if there is any other breach of these conditions, we,as agent for the seller and on our own behalf, shall at ourabsolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights wemay have, be entitled to exercise one or more of the followingrights and remedies:

    (a) To proceed against you for damages for breach of contract(b) To rescind the sale of that lot and/or any other lots sold byus to you (c) To resell the lot (by auction or private treaty) inwhich case you shall be

    responsible for any resulting deficiency in the total amount due(after crediting any part payment and adding any resale costs). Anysurplus so arising shall belong to the seller

    (d) To remove, store and insure the lot at your expense and, inthe case of storage, either at our premises or elsewhere

    (e) To charge interest at a rate not exceeding 1.5% per month onthe total amount due to the extent it remains unpaid for more thanfour working days after the sale

    (f) To retain that or any other lot sold to you until you paythe total amount due

    (g) To reject or ignore bids from you or your agent at futureauctions or to impose conditions before any such bids shall beaccepted

    (h) To apply any proceeds of sale of other lots due or in futurebecoming due to you towards the settlement of the total amount dueand to exercise a lien (that is a right to retain possession of)any of your property in our possession for any purpose until thedebt due is satisfied.

    (2) We shall, as agent for the seller and on our own behalfpursue these rights and remedies only so far as is reasonable tomake appropriate recovery in respect of breach of theseconditions

    9. Third party liability: All members of the public on ourpremises are there at their own risk and must

    note the lay-out of the accommodation and security arrangements.According-ly neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agentsshall incur liability for death or personal injury (except asrequired by law by reason of our negli-gence) or similarly for thesafety of the property of persons visiting prior to or at asale.

    10. Commission bids: Whilst prospective buyers are stronglyadvised to attend the auction, and are

    always responsible for any decision to bid for a particular lotand shall be as-sumed to have carefully inspected and satisfiedthemselves as to its condition we will if so instructed clearly andin writing execute bids on their behalf. Neither the auctioneer norour employees or agents shall be responsible for any failure to doso save where such failure is unreasonable. Where two or morecommission bids at the same level are recorded we reserve the rightin our absolute discretion to prefer the first bid so made.

    11. Warranty of title and availability: The seller warrants tothe auctioneer and you that the seller is the true owner

    of the property consigned or is properly authorised by the trueowner to con-sign it for sale and is able to transfer good andmarketable title to the property free from any third party claims.See 7(4) above.

  • 12. Agency: The auctioneer normally acts as agent only anddisclaims any responsibility for

    default by sellers or buyers. 13. Terms of sale: The selleracknowledges that lots are sold subject to the stipulations ofthese

    conditions in their entirety and on the ‘Terms of consignment’as notified to the consignor at the time of the entry of thelot.

    14. Descriptions and condition: (1) Whilst we seek to describelots accurately, it may be impractical for us to carry

    out exhaustive due diligence on each lot. Prospective buyers aregiven ample opportunities to view and inspect before any sale andthey (and any independ-ent experts on their behalf) must satisfythemselves as to the accuracy of any description applied to a lot.Prospective buyers also bid on the understanding that, inevitably,representations or statements by us as to authorship, genuine-ness,origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling priceinvolve matters of opinion. We undertake that any such opinionshall be honestly and reasonably held and accept liability foropinions given negligently or fraudu-lently. Subject to theforegoing neither we the auctioneer nor our employees or agents northe seller accept liability for the correctness of such opinionsand all conditions and warranties, whether relating to description,condition or quality of lots, express, implied or statutory, arehereby excluded. This condi-tion is subject to the next followingcondition concerning deliberate forgeries and applies save asprovided for in ‘information to buyers’.

    (2) Private treaty sales made under these conditions are deemedto be sales by auction for purposes of consumer legislation.

    (3) For the sake of clarification, section 14(5) of the Sale ofGoods Act 1979 will not apply to any sale. 15. Forgeries:Notwithstanding the preceding condition, any lot which proves to bea deliber-

    ate forgery (as defined) may be returned to us by you within 21days of the auction provided it is in the same condition as whenbought, and is accompa-nied by particulars identifying it from therelevant catalogue description and a written statement of defects.If we are satisfied from the evidence presented that the lot is adeliberate forgery we shall refund the money paid by you for thelot including any buyer's premium provided that (1) if thecatalogue de-scription reflected the accepted view of scholars andexperts as at the date of sale or (2) you personally are not ableto transfer a good and marketable title to us, you shall have norights under this condition. The right of return provid-ed by thiscondition is additional to any right or remedy provided by law orby these ‘Conditions of sale’.

    General: 16. We shall have the right at our discretion, torefuse admission to our premises

    or attendance at our auctions by any person. 17. (1) any rightto compensation for losses liabilities and expenses incurred in

    respect of and as a result of any breach of these conditions andany exclusions provided by them shall be available to the sellerand/or the auctioneer as appropriate.

    (2) Such rights and exclusions shall extend to and be deemed tobe for the benefit of employees and agents of the seller and/or theauctioneer who may themselves enforce them.

    18. Any notice to any buyer, seller, bidder or viewer may begiven by first class mail or Swiftmail in which case it shall bedeemed to have been received by the addressee 48 hours afterposting.

    19. Special terms may be used in catalogue descriptions ofparticular classes of items in which case the descriptions must beinterpreted in accordance with any glossary appearing at thecommencement of the catalogue.

    20. Any indulgence extended to bidders buyers or sellers by usnotwithstanding the strict terms of these conditions or of the‘Terms of Consignment’ shall affect the position at the relevanttime only and in respect of that particular concession only; in allother respects these conditions shall be construed as having fullforce and effect.

    21. Compensation will be paid to the seller for any damaged orlost items equiva-lent to the lower estimate of value (less anycommission charges and other normal selling expenses) as agreed onentering the item for sale or as subse-quently set by the valuer.In the event of dispute then the level of compensa-tion payablewill be referred to an independent expert for resolution.

    22. English law applies to the interpretation of theseconditions. 23. Online Bidding: Killens (trading as the MendipAuction Rooms) offer an online bidding service

    via the-saleroom.com for bidders who cannot attend the sale. Incompleting the bidder registration on www.the-saleroom.com andproviding your debit card details and unless alternativearrangements are agreed with Killens (trading as the Mendip AuctionRooms) you:

    (1) authorise Killens (trading as the Mendip Auction Rooms) ifthey so wish, to charge the debit card given in part or fullpayment, including all charges, for items successfully purchased inthe auction via the-saleroom.com, and

    (2) confirm that you are authorised to provide these debit carddetails to us through www.the-saleroom.com and agree that Killens(trading as the Mendip Auction Rooms) are entitled to ship thegoods to the card holder name and card holder address provided infulfilment of the sale. Please note that any lots purchased viathe-saleroom.com live auction service will be subject to anadditional 5% charge plus VAT at the rate imposed on the hammerprice.

    23. Artist Resale Rights According to the European Union’sArtist’s Resale Rights Directive, which has been adopted by theUnited Kingdom, living artists and artists who died within 70 yearsprior to the date of the sale are entitled to receive a resaleroyalty each time their art work is sold by an art marketprofessional in the European Union or United Kingdom, subject tocertain conditions. The Mendip Auction Rooms will collect theresale royalty due to the artists or their estates from buyers oflots with a hammer price (excluding buyer’s premium and excludingVAT) in excess of €1000. Any purchaser of a lot to which Artist’sResale Right applies will be charged the amount of the resaleroyalty, which will be added to the invoice. VAT is not payable onany royalty. The rate payable for items 0 to 50,000 is 4%. Con-tactthe Auction Rooms for further rates.

    Information for sellers 1. Interpretation. In these Terms thewords 'you', 'yours', etc. refer to the Seller and if the con-

    signment of goods to us is made by an agent we assume that theSeller has authorised the consignment and that the consignor hasthe Seller's authority to contract. Similarly the words ‘we', 'us',etc. refer to the Auctioneers.

    2. Commission For antique auctions is charged to sellers at 15%,subject to a minimum of £3

    per lot. All charges are subject to VAT. 3. Removal andclearance costs. Items for sale must be consigned to the sale roomby any stated deadline and

    at your expense. We are able to recommend individuals orcompanies who are able to collect and deliver items, and to carryout clearances at your request.In addition, for clearance there isa charge of £110 per ton for tipping.

    4. Loss and damage warranty. We are not regulated by the FSA forthe provision of insurance to clients. How-

    ever, we for our own protection assume liability for propertyconsigned to us at lower pre-sale estimate. To justify acceptingliability, we make a charge of 1.5% of the hammer price plusVAT.

    Compensation will be paid to the seller for any damaged or lostitems equiva-lent to the lower estimate of value (less anycommission charges and other normal selling expenses) as agreed onentering the item for sale or as subse-quently set by the valuer.In the event of dispute then the level of compensa-tion payablewill be referred to an independent expert for resolution.

    5. Illustrations. No charge is made for the cost of anyillustrations. The copyright in respect of

    such illustrations shall be the property of us, the auctioneers,as is the text of the catalogue.

    6. Minimum bids and our discretion. Goods will normally beoffered subject to a reserve agreed between us before

    the sale in accordance with clause 7. We may sell Lots below thereserve pro-vided we account to you for the same sale proceeds asyou would have re-ceived had the reserve been the hammer price. Bydefault we assume you give us a “discretion” that we may accept abid of up to 10% below the formal reserve, unless you tell usotherwise when the reserve is agreed.

    7. Reserves. (a) You are entitled to place prior to the auctiona reserve on any lot consigned,

    being the minimum hammer price at which that lot may be sold.Reserves must be reasonable and we may decline to offer goods whichin our opinion would be subject to an unreasonably high reserve (inwhich case goods carry the storage and insurance charges stipulatedin these Terms of Consignment).

    (b) A reserve once set cannot be changed except in writing andwith our con-sent.

    (c) Where a reserve has been placed only we may bid on yourbehalf and only up to the reserve (if any) and you may in nocircumstances bid personally.

    8. Electrical items. These are subject to detailed statutorysafety controls. Where such items are

    accepted for sale you accept responsibility for the cost oftesting by external contractors. Goods not certified as safe by anelectrician (unless antiques) will not be accepted for sale. Theymust be removed at your expense on your being notified. We reservethe right to dispose of unsafe goods as refuse, at yourexpense.

    9. Soft furnishings. The sale of soft furnishings is strictlyregulated by statute law in the interests of

    fire safety. Goods found to infringe safety regulations will notbe offered and must be removed at your expense. We reserve theright to dispose of unsafe goods as refuse, at your expense.Therights of disposal referred to in clause 8 and 9 are subject to theprovisions of The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977,Schedule 1, a copy of which is available for inspection onrequest.

    10. Descriptions. Please assist us with accurate information asto the provenance etc. of goods

    where this is relevant. There is strict liability for theaccuracy of descriptions under modern consumer legislation and insome circumstances responsibility lies with sellers if inaccuraciesoccur. We will assume that you have approved the cataloguedescription of your lots unless informed to the contrary. Where weare obliged to return the price to the buyer when the lot is adeliberate forgery under Condition 15 of the Conditions of Sale andwe have accounted to you for the proceeds of sale you agree toreimburse us the sale proceeds.

    11. Unsold items. If an item is unsold it may be re-offered at afuture sale. Where in our opinion

    an item is unsaleable you must collect such items from thesaleroom promptly on being so informed. Otherwise, storage chargesmay be incurred. We reserve the right to charge for storage inthese circumstances at a reasonable daily rate.

    12. Withdrawn and bought in items, or where the reserve ischanged. Any expense incurred prior to the printing of thecatalogue will be charged to

    the client. After the catalogue has been printed these itemsincur charges comprising of the vendor’s commission, the buyer’spremium, the illustration cost, the insurance costs and otherexpenses relating to the item. These are calculated on ourpublished high estimate, plus VAT. There is a minimum charge forwithdrawal or reserve change of £15 per lot plus VAT.

    13. Conditions of Sale. You agree that all goods will be sold onour Conditions of Sale. In particular you

    undertake that you have the right to sell the goods either asowner or agent for the owner. You undertake to compensate us andany buyer or third party for all losses liabilities and expensesincurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of thisundertaking.

    14. Authority to deduct commission and expenses and retainpremium and interest.

    (a) You authorise us to deduct commission at the stated rate andall expenses incurred for your account from the hammer price andconsent to our right to retain beneficially the premium paid by thebuyer in accordance with our Con-ditions of Sale and any interestearned on the sale proceeds until the date of settlement.

    (b) You authorise us in our discretion to negotiate a sale byprivate treaty in the case of lots unsold at auction, in which casethe same charges will be payable as if such lots had been sold atauction and so far as appropriate these Terms apply.

    15. Settlement. After sale settlement of the net sum due to younormally takes place 21 days

    after the sale (by crossed cheque to the seller) unless thebuyer has not paid for the goods. In this case no settlement willthen be made but we will take your instructions in the light of ourConditions of Sale. You authorise any sums owed by you to us onother transactions to be deducted from the sale pro-ceeds. You mustnote the liability to reimburse the proceeds of sale to us as underthe circumstances provided for in Condition 10 above. You shouldthere-fore bear this potential liability in mind before partingwith the proceeds of sale.

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